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What not to do when creating an enterprise business plan

You came up with an idea that you thought was great, and you can't wait to bring it to life. You've already begun to imagine what would happen if this idea held up before you even realized the idea. These are good, but what about the business plan?

I'm not going to talk about how to make a business plan, but rather about the most common mistakes when making a business plan, what you shouldn't do.

I'll sort it with brief descriptions in articles to make it easy to read. If a right business plan is the key to success, a wrong business plan is the key to sinking the company.

1. Not everything can deconstruct ! Focus on a single point.

The narrower the area in which you will operate, the better. Even focus on a single point and make a point shot. Providing a lot of features, services together will increase the resources you will need and expand the area where you will have problems.Dec. An enterprise that has not yet received an investment, and has not even established its team, cannot fight on more than one front.

2. Don't see the world as powder pink when doing Sunday analysis.

Competitors were identified, the trading volume in the Sunday was learned, and estimates of the points we can get a share from competitors were made. But the scenario of plans not going as desired has been forgotten. There was no Plan B, we scored from where we thought we were strong. We lost extra time when we regrouped and reviewed the mistakes that were made and tried again. Time is something we don't have.

3. Trust your product !

Almost no more products that are not competing in the market, highlight the aspects in which you are different, better. Stand on these. There are countless brands and mobile phones and they all sell, you can get a share of the Sunday, trust your product and be patient.

4. You can't always be a painter imitating a master...

Taking the example of giant competitors who have taken a share of the Sunday, trying to adapt and use their strategies will not give the results that they thought. Sundays Dec.There are big differences between the venture capital company and the companies that have already become institutionalized and have a large share in the market in terms of resources, experience and management vision. Draw your own original path.

5. Go over again and again

After creating a business plan, go over it again and again and fix it. Take a step back and see the entire picture with a new and clear perspective. Don't change what you're basically focusing on, Don't expand it. Keep it consistent and lean.

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