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The foundations of Aytunga were laid on August 25, 2016, with the call of founding partner Kani Fatih Turhan on social media. The community formed as a result of this call; On July 22, 2017, he held his first event called 'Be the Sun in the Dark'. With the participation of Volkan Şengül on 14 May 2018, it started broadcasting as a platform on 02 July 2019.


The team in the software unit; It consists of students who graduated from the PHP course given by Aytunga free of charge between 2 June - 19 August 2018. The rest of the team is; consists of volunteer community members. As of June 22, 2018, Aytunga officially took its place among the initiatives under the umbrella of Nişantaşı University Innovation and Incubation Center NishNova. Likewise, as of 16.07.2019, BTM took its place among the pre-incubation initiatives. On April 4, 2021


Continuing to grow steadily without sacrificing honesty and quality; It is on its way to become the largest educational and information-oriented 3D digital portal of the future! It invites all relevant communities and groups in the world within this framework! It is the global mission of Aytunga to offer quality and quality together in a sustainable way by cooperating with the latest technology products.

Today, it is a multiverse startup with multiple technology platforms, including universes created under different topics. It also provides content production with artificial human faces and mirroring robots, which it calls Mekatunga. Virbela Frame is a solution partner with Garage Atlas and Synthesia.


Today, with the support of Fehmi Darbay, it is on a branding journey with international goals! You are invited to Aytunga Multiverse and all Aytunga products!



August 25, 2016
A team call was made on Facebook by Kani Fatih Turhan. Although the project was announced as the renewal attempt of the old work Tamkaynak, the name and details were not shared. Tamkaynak was a video channel and digital magazine work, founded by Kani in 2011, where interviews and presentations of hundreds of artists and experts are shared as the primary source. The details of the new work would be shaped by the team to be created.

November 2016
The first team was formed. The name and scope of the project were clarified as a team as a result of interviews with industry gurus. Aytunga was to be a social network where information was shared and intellectual and guru names could interact. One-on-one, face-to-face interviews were held with more than 100 professional industry leaders.

December 2016
December draft design work was done. Corporate identity studies of the site have been finalized.


January 2017
Mocap designs are complete.

February 2017
Social media and marketing strategy has been clarified. A content sharing plan suitable for corporate identity has been established. Design work has begun.

March 2017
The team's vacancies have been filled. Interface development work has begun.

22.07.2017 / 22.09.2017
'Become the Sun in the Dark' - 'Enlightenment' Series
The first serial event experience with the participation of important experts and startups of the digital world. Aytunga prototype was launched. It was launched on the stage by two startups other than Aytunga. Aytunga continues this tradition today. The events were sponsored by Habita Coworking.

(Speakers; Aydın Karadöller, Hamdi Küçük, Davut Eren Şadoğlu, Murat Erdör, Funda Güleç, Ziya Kızıltan, Ömer Kaya, Muhammed Tüfekyapan, Cenap Coşkun, Günce Onur, Enis Yaşar, Yusuf Kurt)

October 30, 2017
The 'Blog Desk' event was announced but had to be canceled due to necessary reasons. The first unsuccessful, erroneous attempt was inscribed in our history. Due to the prolongation of the software process, it was decided not to be in the spotlight and to suspend the event activities in order to protect the brand.


January 2018
In the software wing, no results could be obtained in the back-end part. In this regard, expanding the team and searching for new reliable people were started. Work has resumed with new members.

When different attempts could not yield results, it was decided to establish the Aytunga Software Developer Development Program (AYEP) to train software developers from scratch.

14.05.2018 Volkan Şengül and Bahadır Birsöz agreed with Volkan Şengül and Bahadır Birsöz in the interview between 5 trainer applications in the call for volunteer trainers made in groups on Facebook.

With the reference of Mr. Erman Kaya, in the meeting held with Üsküdar Intellectual Art Center, it was agreed to provide free PHP training for three months, only on weekends. Announcements have been initiated.

May 16, 2018
Aytunga received preliminary approval in the evaluations of the NishNova Innovation and Incubation Center to be established by Nişantaşı University.

2 June - 19 August 2018
Aytunga Software Developer Training Program
Free PHP Tutorial has been successfully completed. In the process, 55 people applied, 27 people were selected, and the course was started with 25 people. The course is terminated by ensuring 100% continuity with 23 people. As a result of the exam, 7 certificates of achievement were given and participation certificates were presented to all participants. The platform we visit as a social network; It was redesigned and coded by 5 selected team members who are software training participants. During the course, trainees of the Startup Centrium Community were given internship opportunities at startups.

Under a contract with Aytunga, Nisnova Innovation and Incubation Center officially took its place among the incubation initiatives.

Aytunga Team was restructured.

The activities for the event, which were interrupted with the TogetherOne event on the roof of Üsküdar Intellectual Art Center, were resumed.

İTO - Information Commercialization Center - Fulya Campus pre-incubation initiative acceptance.

Together Series
Aytunga Nişantaşı University started a series of events in partnership with NishNova Innovation Center. The first topic was 'Agricultural Social Entrepreneurship'. Uygar Özesmi and Ata Cengiz were speakers. The events consist of seminars in which industry leaders who are experts in their fields share their experiences.

Together Series 2
Entrepreneurship and Law - Okan Şencan - Mümtaz Hacıpaşaoğlu - Berk Tüzel - Nişantaşı University

Together Series 3

Nişantaşı University gave 100% support to Aytunga events with all its structures.

Together Series 4

Event Design - Ali Üstündağ - Nişantaşı University

Together Series 5

Customer Experience Map - Uğur Özmen - Nişantaşı University

Together Series 6

Digital Branding - Ferhat Mürsel Sağlam - Nişantaşı University


Together Series 8

Intrapreneurship Competence - Enis Erdem Yurdatapan - Baran Gürcan

24 November 2018
AYEP Free Linux Fundamentals Workshop - Bahadır Birsöz - Nişantaşı University


14.03.2019 - 21.03.2019
Free After Effects Course
- Yılmaz Türk - Nişantaşı University
The event has been canceled due to the death of our teacher. Rest in peace our teacher Yılmaz. :(


Free Flutter 101 Workshop
- Bahadır Birsöz - Nişantaşı University

Marmara Informatics Summit

With the support of Nişantaşı University, 20 Speakers, simultaneous sessions in 2 Halls, 3 Workshops, 1 game tournament and 750 participants met, the biggest informatics event of the period was physically held. The renewed Aytunga Community has been announced. Zive's father is Emrah Kozan.

(Speakers; Burcu Kurtiş, Umut Erkal, Muharrem Taç, Savaş Doğan, Onur Kemal Koç, Emrah Kozan, Assoc. Dr. Zeynep Birsu Çinçin, Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoğlu, Hasan Yalçın, Funda Güleç, Hamza Şamlıoğlu, Ziya Kızıltan, Adv. Mehmet Durmaz, Davut Eren Şadoğlu, Burak Akıncı, Kaan Gülten, Emre Konca, Dr. Murat Beken, Volkan Şengül, Kani Fatih Turhan, Dilara Eldaş Baş, Fatoş Karahasan, Yasin Kaplan, Ali Sermet Taşdöğen, Noyan Culum, Yasin Güleç, Nayme Taylan, Neşe Abbak)

Aytunga platform started broadcasting with all its social media features. The study was presented to users as a social network where training and activities were exhibited, and where trainers and experts shared their knowledge, experience and knowledge.

AYEP Application Development Workshop with Free React Redux - Volkan Şengül - Nişantaşı University

AYEP Application Development Workshop with Free Laravel - Süha Boncukçu- Nişantaşı University

AYEP - Paid Laravel 102 Workshop - Süha Boncukçu - Nişantaşı University - Osman MoC

AYEP- Free Modern Web and Software Architectures Workshop - Bahadır Birsöz - Osman Bey Moc

30.07.2019 - 02.08.2019
AYEP - Paid Modern Javascript Training - Volkan Şengül - Osmanbey Moc

AYEP Free Information Security Awareness Training
- Hamza Şamlıoğlu - Nişantaşı University

The first Hangout Nights event was physically sponsored by Kiki Club. Professionals of the digital world took the stage as participants, accompanied by the stand-up show performed by Kadir Ceyhan. They shared their pointless, irrelevant stories. The story in this event was to meet, to create an excuse to socialize, to renew ourselves by telling what's inside.

Aytunga Instructor Training Program (AEEP) started. Aytunga platform was on its way to become the meeting point of trainers and trainees with its content structure. In order to create the opportunity to take important steps towards closing the training and qualified trainer gap of the sectors, it started the program with the aim of training trainers in order to create a basis for higher quality and faster employment by transforming qualified experts in the sector into trainers. Trainers started to be involved in the process as Aytunga partners.

A Conversation in the Footsteps of Piri Reis
- Gülşah Çeliker - Nişantaşı University

Hangout Nights 2
- Kiki Club

C# .NET Workshop with SOP Architecture
- Yunus Emre Karaal - Nişantaşı University

Khazar Khaganate Interview
- Prof. Dr. Mualla Uydu Yucel - Nisantasi University

Aytunga Partners Program

It is a study that aims to provide a solution for trainers on the platform by transforming the space network obtained from Become the Sun in the Dark to a sharing economy with the increase in training and activities and collaborations. It was officially implemented on 07.12.2019.


Hangout Nights 3
- X PUB - Antalya - Sevimcan Kayayurt Yum

23-24 November 2019
Introduction to Digital Marketing - Hulusi Kurt - Nişantaşı University

Agency Partnership Program (APEG) Seminar

17.12. 2019
Hangout Nights 4
- V Taksim - Istanbul - Erdinç Yüksel


Aytunga Community Meeting

19 March 2020
Aytunga Talks Part 1
As soon as the first case of the pandemic was announced in our country, a summit plan was made with academicians from different fields of expertise on the subject. Since it would not be right to bring people together under pandemic conditions, it was found appropriate to do it live online. In order not to waste time when it was difficult to bring the experts together on the same day, they were hosted live on Youtube one by one. Public health expert Dr. Our teacher Enis Balkan is the first person to enlighten us. Afterwards, 75 episodes continued as a series. Many experts, business people, artists and academics, and even members of the scientific committee were guests of the program. (Speakers; )

Wise Part 1 has been released.

Presented by Bilge Asena Süeren, the program is the first community content on the channel. Various experts were guests in the program where legal information content was shared.

21 April 2020
Aytunga's new interface work has been started.

11.05. 2020
Global Covid-19 Summit

Aytunga became the digital host of the online event, where more than 25 country representatives and experts, including leaders, evaluated the situation. In the event, which was designed and managed by Northern Illinois University, we became a partner by signing an important global service on behalf of our country.

19.06. 2020
24 uninterrupted Aytunga TV test broadcast.

13 different channels, 24 special programs. This study was done to predict the effects of the new theme of the platform in the future.

EMYD Partners - Our topic is E-Commerce 1 Part.

For the first time with EMYD Partners, a non-Aytunga organization started to produce content on the channel. The content of the program, in which e-commerce industry experts and leaders were hosted, was presented.

26- 27 September 2020
Marmara Informatics Summit - 2

Marmara Informatics Summit, which had to be held online with the sponsorship of Ponart Agency, Fotometre360 and Nişantaşı University, hosted important names as guests. The event was broadcast live on the first day and hosted its guests. On the second day, he shared his specially recorded guests as a tape broadcast. The informatics event with the theme of 'Product Development Processes' and 'Marketing' was the preliminary step of the point where the summit will evolve in the future.

25.11. 2020
Birsöz Part 1 - Bahadır Birsöz

Chat program that hosts software deer.


Transformation Center Part 1

A series of workshops where software experts share online as guests.

Is there a problem? Part 1

A program series where digital marketing content is presented by Zeynep Çifçili Soyupak and where business people are guests.

Memory Part 1

In the program presented by Archival Specialist Savaş Songur, an expert was hosted and conversations were held on archiving and its future.

Hangout Nights Online

The digital version of the Hangout Nights physical event series. The audience of the program takes the floor in the program and accompanies them on the air as guests and participants.

Aytunga, the broadcast sponsor of TURKKAB's (Turkish Women Academics Association) Youtube Channel, has undertaken the task of announcing and disseminating information shared by female academics as guests.

Aytunga put an end to its social networking feature and was published in a new format with the motto of "Events Tasting a Series", in which different community contents were exhibited, and contents focused on "education and information" were categorized and presented. Its work was started on April 21, 2020.

Live broadcast and online meeting feature has been activated. Aytunga Club service was offered to members. Paid subscription started.

Research work for the new product Mekatunga was started as a subsidiary project.

The first Mekatunga image was shared with the community. Advice and suggestions were received.

The first animation Mekatunga presentation was shared. The project was launched outside the community.

The 3D Ôda feature was added to the platform in cooperation with an international startup. The 3D Rooms feature has been tested with the Marmara Bilişim Zirvesi 2020 event room.

By establishing a solution partnership with another international startup, the promotional content of the Marmara Informatics Summit was shared with the Mekatungas we know today.

3D rooms are available. Started leasing service to companies and communities.

Marmara Informatics Summit 2021
Marmara Informatics Summit, which reached thousands of people online under the Main Sponsorship of PayTR, was broadcast live through BTM Istanbul and Nişantaşı University. In the event, which was published with the theme of 'Environment and Life' under the moderation of Dilara Eldaş Baş, Mekatungalar promoted the brands during the breaks. It is the first event that digital people host. The event that included Metaverse in its first program is the Marmara Informatics Summit.

(Speakers; Haydar Özkömürcü, Rıdvan Uyan, Bahadır Birsöz, Selçuk Keser, Duygu Eren, Dr. Murat Beken, Aydın Karadöller, Yusuf Kurt, Süha Boncukçu, Emrah Kozan, Şule Güner, Yusuf Sarıgöz, Akan Abdula, Kaan Gülten, Kani Fatih Turhan )



Aytunga, from the first day to today, without compromising its principles, by breaking new ground; has become the future of quality knowledge and quality education. Aytunga, which raises the standards of content production and does not give up on the motto of "Touch the Information" with the slogan of "More Than It"; continues to work to be the global address of science, informatics and technology. Marmara Informatics Summit, our platform where the paths of those who create value and those who care about producing, cross, and the stage of those who shape the future, is our story with the global success stories we have written and will write. Thank you to everyone who has supported, contributed and will contribute. We are beautiful together!


More From It!

Kani Fatih Turhan


Fehmi Darbay

Investor Partner

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-21 at 09.43.27.jpeg
Yusuf Öztürk

E- Commerce Mentor

Ömer Göksoy

Blockchain Mentor

Yusuf Ulufer

3D Design Artist

Micheal Borngrover

VR, AR and XR Mentor

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-09 at 21.14.01.jpg
Musa Ünsal Tunçay

Expert Software Developer

Bilge Asena Süeren


Haydar Özkömürcü

Digital Strategy Mentor

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-28 at 23.28.56.jpeg
Zeynep Birsu Çinçin

Nişantaşı University, Head of Genetics and Bioengineering Department & NishNova Innova Center Manager

Hakan Arca

Bilgiyi Ticarileştime Merkezi - Investor Relations Manager

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