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Efficient Positioning of Businesses on Metaverse

Efficient Positioning of Businesses on Metaverse

Even though the concept of metaverse is very old as a word, it is the name of a technology culture that has recently become widespread. Note: It is a technology culture, not technology. Briefly; We can define it as the name we give to the act of experiencing the internet experience we live on traditional platforms on multiplayer platforms (environments). We can describe it as the embodiment of the concept we call surfing the Internet.

Although the Turkish word for 'metaverse' is translated as 'other universes', the word 'meta' in computer language means 'data'. Because 'data universes' are not very meaningful or do not sound good, they are also defined with terms such as 'virtual universe' and 'fictional universe'. My personal opinion is that the Turkish equivalent of the word 'digital', 'numerical', will be the word that explains the situation the most. Because we experience the perception of a digitally designed universe in 3D. We have an obligation to create this universe with spatial thinking. In addition, in order not to misunderstand the technical meaning of the concept of "Multiverse", it seems that there will be a need for a change in translation in the future. This is the descriptive effect of the subject on me from the technical window. Please don't be surprised if I use the term 'digital universe' from time to time.

So why build a Metaverse? Why do we need it? During the period from Göbekli Tepe to the present, human beings have continued their development sometimes by needing or creating needs. We can say that those who do not change in this time period will never change. 'Economy' comes first among these unchanging needs. Humanity has developed a barter method, shared work, and rewarded itself for sustainable security in order to meet its food-drink, shelter, security and other mandatory needs and to ensure the protection of its vital continuity. If we characterize the effect of the concept of 'metaverse' as a development; The main reason for this development is to ensure the sustainability of this order with digital methods. We experienced a similar situation using mechanical methods in the first industrial revolution. I guess for us, even if the events and their patterns change, the results and causes are always the same. Disruptive creativity, sharing economy, thought leadership are habits that seem to have originated today, but have been owned by humanity for many years, but are newly maturing. Digital universe culture is just one of them.

What Kind of Economy Does Metaverse Bring?

An environment (platform) created in the digital universe does not have functionally different features from traditionally created web structures. Visitable environments can be created via the browser without the need for a different device.

The universe models created so far; A scene is designed in a 3D designed environment, and directions can be made by adding links to the objects in this scene. Brands may have special areas where they can sell products, organize meetings or events. We should think of user experience like designing a website. The world structure is staged with needs-oriented interior and exterior designs. When the objects (object) are clicked by the users, the transition to the place they are directed is provided. Users can customize their avatars. Some universes can be downloaded to computers. Some universes may require the use of special devices. World structures can also accommodate more than one brand, and can be made specifically for brands. Although not required, universe models that work with web3 elements can also be produced in order to create an object economy or to fund projects quickly. These are the general technical characteristics of the universes we have seen so far. In terms of user experience, two forms have become widespread; the first is the scenes presented without interruption, the second is the transitions from the single scenes. The sustainability of the latter depends on it being need-based. As the global prevalence is offered with special equipment, the need for different devices may also arise in our country in the future. As the Turkish user experience becomes a mobile habit, web-based studies will attract more attention.

Before moving on to the fictional structure of the universes, I would like to convey the economic effects it creates. We can say that employment in digital universe design will be in a way that will affect the change of some professions, just as the web offers us today. 3D design makes it necessary to develop our spatial thinking abilities. It is aimed that the time spent on the web will increase with the pleasure it will get for the user. This situation can cause both social and individual deprivation. I'll talk about the technological impact this will have later. Now, I would like to note that we will need our sociologists and psychologists at the point of marketing. The actions performed by the users here become an obligation to carry the feelings and habits we have in the physical world. Developers' software such as webgl, game engine knowledge of such technologies will not be sufficient on their own. Individuals who are experts in 3D design play an important role in the universe construction process. Since the stores created in these universes will be similar to those in the physical world, the department designers in the physical stores can help to increase product sales. It is possible for architects and interior designers, artists (especially in the stage and exhibition areas), motivational coaches, trainers, organizers, and even clerks to be included in these universes. New jobs will also be created. For example, individuals who want to be ahead in a gamification created within the structure will hire others in order to earn more. For example, we are living through examples where an individual who hires someone to make more money in a pedometer application will gain additional income with the act of taking the phone around, just like the act of walking a pet. Copywriters and screenwriters can generate income from various ideas by writing sales-enhancing stories and setting up gamification activities for these applications. Let's imagine that the size of the digital universe you created is very large. You can hire virtual drivers for a bus or taxi that you will put inside to increase the enjoyment of the user experience in a different way.

Everything I've told you so far sounds like a dream, but it's real. On the developer side of the business, there are multiple technological tools and equipment needed for the development of the environment. Experts will be needed for the management, development and design of these developer tools and equipment. Although it is not a requirement today, there is a need for designers, developers, managers and various experts in order to increase interaction and pleasure with different equipment. As you can see, we are talking about an enormous economy. Created digital universe structures can be interactive with our physical life as required by the concept of 'Multiverse'. Increasing the enjoyment of time spent on the web, deepening interaction and making consumption comfortable may not sound ethical. In principle, this is in our hands, we need to proceed in a controlled manner, and for this, by getting help from sociologists and psychologists, preventing the problems that may arise will keep us away from ethical concerns as an institution. On the other hand, marketing the subject in accordance with the literature may prevent the emergence of conceptual errors and cultural problems such as language in the future. The most important reason why 'Multiverse' technologies will be needed in the coming days is the physical deprivations created by the time spent on the internet.

Efficient Positioning of Businesses in the Digital Universe or Creating a Metaverse Strategy

In the digital sector that I have been in for a long time, I have witnessed the emergence of strategies that cause companies to make wrong expenditures by mistranslating many concepts for the sake of marketing. For this reason, considering the economy that this wonderful technology culture will create, I care that it is focused on increasing efficiency. I share my hypothesis, knowing that you care too.

A brand virtual plot, etc. It cannot claim that it invests by purchasing objects or that it is an important part of this culture. He may show that he is a part of it, but he may have taken the wrong step to become an important part of it. First of all, there may not be a need for the brand. The selected media may not be suitable. The design of the environment may not be suitable for the project. Experiential mistakes can be made. Experiential error can cause the brand to give undesirable messages. It can reduce its profitability by making large expenditures in the current market. The purchased object may be withdrawn from sale due to changing characteristics or various reasons. Visual and auditory consumptions create an expectation of change after a while. This step is taken to meet this need in order to keep up with the development and provide experience by taking into account the feedback. The risk of being in environments where it is not calculated that the value of the investment made by the brand here may decrease, should be evaluated. These problems can also occur in the brand's environment.

How should we behave? The first thing to do is to aim for the right purpose. The brand does not have to target the sale of its product. Sharing economy can be derived, social responsibility studies can be presented or events can be organized for this purpose. Product promotion activities can be carried out, personnel management, motivation meetings, in-house special meetings or training activities can be carried out. Gamification activities can be done for personal development. Tracks and concerts can be exhibited. It can be created in an environment that contains all of these, or the activity can be exhibited here by choosing the appropriate environment or application. Second step; After the purpose is determined, it is to create a story suitable for the purpose. If a product is to be promoted, is simulation necessary? Is it suitable for gamification? What is the desired feeling of the user? How to create conformity for brand identity? In which applications or hardware is the target audience of a technology tool addressed? A roadmap of the inside experience should be created by asking questions such as: In addition; A separate story should be created for the purpose and a separate story for the brand. It is a very important point for sustainability. It would not be appropriate for a textile company to offer a restaurant experience. eg; There will be an expectation of dressing in the customer avatar. The designed world should be along this line. However, in the social responsibility project of the brand, a world story focused on that project should be presented. Third Step: The most appropriate design language should be created within the framework of the determined story. Models should be prepared in accordance with the brand identity. The compatibility of the models with the simulations to be created varies according to the product type. However, models can be used repeatedly or remodeled by duplication. It should be aimed to achieve significant savings in the process. Fourth Step; It is the management of technological requirements in accordance with the design power and purpose. Planning should be done in an integrated way. The brand will not need the world for a single purpose. All of the purposes I listed above are traditional, unchangeable needs. Therefore, every world model created should be transitive and have a common design language. The subsequent need for the user to assimilate the identity will incur additional costs. Not all technological equipment is needed in every project. For example; Blockchain or virtual reality headset is not needed for product sales. For this reason, it should be evaluated as a project for this purpose. The project to be created should be managed in a destructive creative culture, by thinking like a startup, by dividing into stages (phases). Finally; is to make sure that the work done will have a lasting effect and that it is a sustainable consumption product. The principle that the work done is valid for life will provide brands with defense power, especially in difficult times such as pandemics.

In summary, the concept of 'metaverse' is a concept that has many topics that need to be talked about and discussed. As the literature develops, its needs and effects will be adopted in our lives. We have to care about efficiency and sustainability in order not to take damage from the transition process. Wherever the step we take, whatever technology and need it is. Considering the impact of this increasing population, let's do it in order to leave a better world for future generations. Thank you for your interest and valuable time.


Example Multiverse project left for next time. First of all, at this point, I think it is more of a priority for us to gain clarity of perspective. Personally, I share it as a hypothesis. I'm open to better suggestions, advice and criticism. Please feel free to contribute and criticize.

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