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The Internet is a vast universe... As this universe, which was almost entirely a one-sided phenomenon in the beginning, gained an interactive identity, almost all of us "saved in this piggy bank". Everyone who is even a bit "tech literate" contributes to "big data". And yet, it is inevitable that the reader or the internet user will encounter problems such as "information pollution" and "information bombardment"... But how will a content producer survive in such an environment?

Tips for Creators

Whether you're writing an article, making a video, or making a "podcast"... Whether you're going to create a personal blog or a corporate website... I suggest you pay attention to the following tricks to be a successful content producer: like, "do it with love". :)

  • As it should be in everything in life, when you set out (such as writing a blog, building a website, creating content for a platform; whatever that path is...) your purpose should be clear.

  • In parallel with your purpose, also determine the "target audience". Who will you address? What are the demographic (age, gender, educational status, etc...) characteristics of these people/communities? What does this audience like? Which generation is the segment you are calling from? (For those of you who don't know, people are divided into generations such as X, Y, Z generations according to their birth dates...) Think of it this way: Our elders make sentences that begin with "In our time...", this is that account; because people of different age categories vary in their habits, outlook on life, the things they enjoy and, accordingly, the type of content (text, audio, video...) they are interested in.

  • Every business has an ethic: stay away from the so-called "plagiarism" (plagiarism); Be sure to indicate the source of your citations. In addition, it is divisive in society, offending individuals; attacking basic personality rights; engaging in behaviors called "cyberbullying"; Definitely stay away from content that may be penalized such as "hate crime", harassment, cyber crimes!

What about the Technical Dimension of the Job?

  • Whatever language you are writing in, respect and obey the rules of that language. Not to use very common and well-known words in Turkish content, or foreign words except when necessary; If you use them, be careful to explain them. Similarly, if you're addressing lay people, briefly explain the meanings of terms you don't expect them to know.

  • The technical part of the job is also a separate issue: SEO rules come to the fore here: SEO rules, in a content; It includes many aspects such as quality, originality, reference of citations, titles and sub-titles, use of keywords and tags, arrangements for images (if any), mobile compatibility of the page, user-friendly interface, in-site and off-site links.

  • If possible, it would be advantageous to use paid and free SEO tools such as Google Analytics and Google Trends.

NOTE: I would also show my references under normal conditions; however, all of my sentences in this article belong to me and consist of my experience and knowledge so far. (I have academic articles in Turkish and English, published in many printed and virtual media, columns, website contents in areas such as business life, informatics, product promotion-marketing texts...) You can use it provided that you indicate the source.

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