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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Since its emergence, VR has been used in different fields such as gaming, military training, architectural design, etc.Education, learning and social skills training, simulations of surgical procedures, assistance to the elderly or psychological treatments are other areas where VR is used.

Science, Education, Physical Education, as well as social phenomena, including the main advantages and weakness in various areas of research such as the application of moral behavior is reported, and evidence of VR travel VR in other areas, such as meetings became available. Also this year, with a focus on VR in mental health, the powerful effect of VR in assessing and treating different psychological disorders, such as anxiety, schizophrenia, depression and eating disorders, was revealed.

There are many possibilities that allow VR to be used as a stimulus, to replace real stimuli, to recreate experiences that are impossible in the real world with a high realism. Therefore, VR can cause problems, for example, caused by phobias (agoraphobia, phobia of flying, etc.) is widely used in research on new ways of applying psychological treatment or education. Or simply, it is used for the improvement of traditional motor rehabilitation systems. In more detail, the psychological treatment in virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) of patients have demonstrated the efficacy of psychological and physiological stimuli or fear of reactions where a therapist can be checked by gradually allowed to face stressful situations in a safe environment.

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