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"We need technology in every classroom, in the hands of every student and teacher," says David Warlick, Educational Technology Pioneer, because he, the pen and paper of my time, is the lens through which we experience most of our world.

Growing interest in educational technology in recent years has led to the emergence of new advanced degree programs designed to prepare educators to move to an innovative mindset and become transformative technology leaders in their classrooms, schools or regions.

The best programs include tools, theories and practices used in educational technology, and related issues of critical importance (budgeting, legal/ethical considerations, real-world partnership opportunities, educational equity, etc.) is structured to give a comprehensive understanding of. It is necessary for such technology-enhanced programs to demonstrate the potential to inspire students ' learning, success and creativity.

For example, the University of San Diego, known for its innovative, online education Master's program, is launching a new specialty. The Program is designed to prepare teachers to become effective K-12 technology leaders and coaches, virtual educators, and teaching innovators who adopt technology-influenced teaching practices to empower students ' learning.

The program's fully online format allows students to complete their master's degrees within 20 months of working full-time, where they learn from specialist instructors with deep experience in the field and also interact with other teachers from around the country.

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