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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Throughout history, every civilization, society, Kingdom and Empire has grown, risen and fallen with technology at its helm.Technology affects every part of a society, Kingdom, or empire and is based on the current mathematics and science of a society and affects every sub-aspect of a civilization:

· Military

· Architecture

* Cities

· Health

· Dialog

· State

* Time / Calendars

* Record keeping

· Slice

With Ancient Technology in East, South and North Africa, where the oldest science, mathematics and medicine were recorded, such as Adam's calendar and the oldest math-based calculator, it helped the Ancient Kingdoms keep time, transmit numerical quantities.Technology also helped shape agricultural practices that helped ancient societies flourish and formed the backbone of the strong economies of antiquity.

The invention of irrigation systems, architectural structures, the invention of glass and the use of baked clay played a role in the development of ancient cities and kingdoms. After the industrial revolution, these landmark inventions turned into mega-cities, Sky-bores and farms that feed millions today.Technology has also created the appearance of chariots and ships.

Technology also played a role in globalization and the creation of empires in ancient trade, as the ancient “Silk Road” also created opportunities for kingdoms to trade, helping people to become rich and powerful and spread their influence. Technology has even influenced how the most basic essence of human communication, language, develops. For example, some ancient languages, such as the Basque language, which is still spoken, have root words, and ancient, as indicates their Stone Age Origins.Although English is an isolated language, hypothetically, if such a language had changed the roots of English words, it could potentially affect the spoken language of English today.

In fact, two of the most important examples of how technology has helped change human social behavior, and perhaps evolution, are the development of stone tools and the ability to use fire. Both helped the survival of early hunter societies, which created known ancient behaviors of Homo sapiens (the hunter-gatherer model before the development of agricultural societies), and even effectively changed the course of our evolution by altering the genetics of entire societies.

From ancient times to the present day, from the Egyptian and avian empire to the Aksumite and Chinese empire, from the Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian empires to the Greek, Roman, Mali and British empires, all these developed kingdoms have become Empires because of their strength.Their economy (resulting from advanced technology), strong armies, and strong communication/transport capabilities were strong enough to meet their service.However, it can be said that history was written by the invention and use of advanced technology.

Throughout human history, and after the Industrial Revolution, hunter-gatherers from being more sedentary creatures that automate many tasks by transforming the technology for themselves, more built-based and unhealthy eating can lead to chronic diseases, while also life more comfortable and “easy” was made.In the ancient world, it took months to send a message from one end of the world to the other, or to travel from one country to another, TODAY messages can be sent almost instantly over the internet and travel very quickly.

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