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Imagine being able to try on clothes before shopping online, test whether a wallpaper will look good in your environment before applying it, or virtual labels around your home remind you where you left your keys.

Tech giants such as Apple, Google, Intel and Microsoft are already pouring resources into developing Mixed Reality technologies. Apple has patented many MR technologies, with Samsung and Facebook entering the ground floor. There is a lot of buzz and excitement about Magic Leap's MR application, which projects light directly into the retina.

The future of Mixed Reality could mean we only need one device to change our screens. This will reveal new ways to create content and new ways to consume it. As with other major technological disruptions that are changing our current way of life, Mixed Reality will create more industries and more jobs.

Mixed Reality will open the door to a future where our natural world and our powerful digital knowledge meet. In a few years, we will see it mature and become almost invisible to the user, and seamlessly blend into the human experience.

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