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Jessica Lowry, a UX Designer for Next Web, says AR is the future of design. Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives already, so it could be an extension of our body that is; without being intrusive technology (Google Glass) can be integrated more into our lives, since it is certain that augmented reality user experience provides development opportunities beyond measure.

This will almost certainly see huge advances, much exaggerated but still little seen; the Internet of things. UX designers in the AR field will need to decisively decipher questions about how traditional experiences can be enhanced through AR. It's not enough just to make your cooker capable of using computer enhancements; users need healthier eating or better cooked food to take care of it.

The future will belong to AR when it improves task efficiency for the user or the quality of an experience's output. That's 21. century UX is the main challenge of the profession.

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