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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Virtual reality is currently among the most exciting technology options in the world Dec. In 2020, global shipments of VR headsets reached about 5.5 million units, even given pandemic problems.

By the end of 2021, shipments are expected to reach 11 million units. Experts say 43.5 million headsets will be shipped each year by 2025. Some facts you need to know about VR's potential:

Dec Sundays between 2020 and 2027 the CAGR of the market (compound annual growth rate) will reach approximately 21.6% overall. Over this 7-year period, VR is expected to give momentum to all sectors, from retail to healthcare. Source: Grandview Research.

Currently, 26 million VR and AR decks are owned by private consumers. Experts believe demand for VR headsets will increase almost eightfold over the next five years (by 2025), partly due to the pandemic. Source: Statista.

In 2020, one in five U.S. citizens said they already used a VR headset at some point. That was a 3 percentage point increase over 2019. 55% of customers said they were moderately or excessively satisfied with the experience. Source: AR Insider.Dec.

Economists believe VR and AR technology will decipher new economic opportunities around the world. In this decade, 23 million jobs will emerge in the VR industry. Source: PwC.

High-end VR App Users Say hardware costs are the decisive factor preventing them from adopting VR much faster.

Worldwide VR spending placed China at the top of the list with $ 5.8 billion, followed by the US ($5.1 billion), Western Europe ($3.3 billion) and Japan ($1.8 billion). Source: IDC.

Today, about 171 million people use VR in some way. This number comes from shipping data on VR headsets delivered in 2019. Source: Statista.

53% of AR and VR users think AR has a decidedly better chance of reaching the mainstream first. Although people believed VR would grow faster before trying out headphones, the perception changed after one show. Source: Global Web Directory.

According to PWC research, the projected economic impact of VR/AR could be about $ 1.5 trillion by 2030.

75% of Forbes ' "World's Most Valuable Brands" list has invested in the AR/VR experience in some Dec.

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