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On Awareness

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

We don't know how life will bring us responsibilities, but frankly, I've realized in my bumpy, long-term life that nothing lasts forever, and it won't... It is best to know how to live in the moment and always be aware of the moment, to communicate with all sincerity, no matter what or who is in front of us. It's obvious that being pulled into our shell, passivity, doesn't work and doesn't solve anything.

Every person has milestones that he or she experiences at some time in his or her life. These milestones are the truth of our existence that makes us who we are. One of my turning points, in the recent past, has been to lose a person I care about. I realized that people you never thought about leaving can leave, and yes, there is such a reality, I say to myself. Extinction is as much a part of life as it is of existence. No time passes, you get used to everything you say you can't get used to. You are waiting for someone to save you from the pessimism that you have fallen into, but the expected will never come, and you know it, because no one knows you better than you, they can only try to understand you. Maybe there's a friend, a comrade in your life, if you're lucky. Frankly, I didn't take that chance. I preferred solitude to the crowd. Who knows, maybe it'll be different from now on. When you lose, when you know you've fallen, there's no one you can share with, even if you know they're there sometimes. You can't put your family in this line of emotions because you know they also want to find strength from you, they want to see a strong individual in the face of the pain of what they have lost. Then you understand that you have to stand up alone, which makes you who you are in the future, those are the moments you strive for. Even if you dream, you should always be able to look forward, and when you recover, you should be able to show the will to run to the goal.

I will say, my friends, that these difficult days are perhaps a time when we most understand the value of the moment and heal everything that we find wrong. And when this process is over, it will be best for us, for our soul, to continue our path, facing our resentments, our regrets, our efforts, our struggles, all of them.

God created every man differently. Each person has dozens of things to add to another, and his task in this world, his contribution will be different. We're all pieces of a puzzle, but when we combine, we make sense. So, we hope that there will be many times when our awareness increases, when we will walk forward by learning from the past, when we can benefit humanity.

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