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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

After all the work I had to do for two days, I hung up the computer and the phone and walked away from everything. In the process, I tried not to think about anything about work. I woke up in the morning and looked through my emails and notifications. There has been no change in life. At SM, the shares continued to their own standards, maintaining their lines. October February 14..

Because I'm in a group of people who can't sober up without drinking coffee, the temperature I feel when I take my first sip of coffee is not a feeling that can be bought with money. But you can buy it with coffee.. :)) The situation was the same when I looked down from my window, from the ninth floor. In the snowfall, despite the corona, life continued in the same standard flow. At that moment, the innocent whiteness in my window made me question again: 'what would change if I died today?'. I don't know if it made me question whether I included the White and the corona, the symbol of romance, in the same sentence.. Even though the years in my head changed, what did my goals matter?

We all consider it a virtue to leave a mark in this life. Is it not my place to be proud and proud of my nothingness in front of them when I see the degree of importance given to the absence of those who we can say would not be the same if they lived today in history? 'Being a fish out of water', which those who are respected in the right proportion to the seniority they have in the business world, feel when they leave their institutions or even are fired, is a feeling that will sum up my meaningless death today.

When I was 14 years old, when I worked at Ortadoğu newspaper, I used to go to Florya Metin Oktay facilities to interview football players. I was walking the hour-long drive between the newspaper and the facility Dec. There was a police School on that road. I've always been intrigued by places that are hidden and create a sense of belonging to the state. We also have, but they don't show, the effect of pride under the fairy tale may have fed my curiosity. Here, if I was wondering or if I wanted to, I went to the security door of that police School in my unconsciousness. I told the officer I wanted to go inside. 'Why?'he asked. 'I'm a journalist, I want to know how to train inside. I'll write about it,' I said. I can't forget the officer's sympathetic but cynical look at the moment. Another situation I couldn't forget was his reaction after believing I was serious. After I said I could enter if I was forbidden to enter, the newspaper said I could enter if I had permission, he questioned who I was and why I behaved in this way. I can't remember the dialogues that were in between, but I never forgot this word that I decried.; 'with this determination, you will either become a very great person (like the president) or a crazy hobo walking down the road'. 'Why?' . 'Cause you're too smart for your age. After many years, this intelligence makes you a genius or a madman..'You're 14 and maybe you've reached the end point where everyone around you reacts admirably to the abnormal behaviour you do. After that, he had similar conversations with people in a few places where I worked. But the first one, the effect that this situation had on me, was another. By the time I got to the paper, I was trying to figure out if what you were saying was good or bad. What was being crazy, being a hobo? ...

Here's where I came from as a person who is a month away from being 32 today. In my beautiful country, where money must be abundant, rather than intelligence, knowledge and talent, to be president, I am not on such a journey. And I don't intend to go down that path. When I was 10, I memorized the distances of all the stars in the Atlas and went to my father. When I told him,' I want to be an astronaut, 'he told me,' impossible.' It was clear to my face that it would not be possible for me to go to the United States and that if I came, I would want to be an astronaut. He taught me coolly and harshly that I should dream more real. Fortunately, I think it can be a realistic situation for current children.

What do I want? Leading a world-class brand? Given the reading rate of the article I wrote here, how possible it is, open to discussion, I think it is clear. Let's say there's a chance it's real. How much have I been able to show the effect that has created positive changes in people's lives until I get to this point? So far, my dream has been simple moves that anyone can think of. I will never be able to measure its impact, as my efforts to differentiate are on the bread of those who have money. Nothing you can't measure can show value.

If the internet, a symbol of freedom, is today surrounded by the rules of capital and you have accepted to live contrary to the world you represent, there is not much effect that you want your existence to create. For example, if a human being who cannot develop a model that will remove a stupid tool of change such as' money ' from the middle is happy to save the day, you have no right to make them unhappy!

I'll finish my article before the subject falls apart. From time to time, there are moments when I reset myself with these thoughts. It was a moment like that. Those who know me also know how realistic I am, but also that I have enough passion to target my dreams. I don't have kids. And I don't think it will, but it won't change much.

Whatever I do, I do it for you. Know it, and if I can place it in your memory, remember it this way. I've never valued money, as some people think. Maybe I don't know if I should. But I'm not a hobo.. I don't know if it's a gift to be the honor and pride of my country, I know; a person prays for what he does! Keep Blowing!


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