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Matrushka Naim

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Role Model Created In History The Value Of Being Able To Repeat - Naim Suleymanoglu Example

All living things in nature communicate by voice. If there's silence, there's danger. Sound is balance. Sound is reflection. Sound is the result. That's why we're creatures that like to bring sound. As an impulse to be a social being, man takes communication to its center in every action. He should be able to present the difference, what he can think about.

So the voices come together, form various layouts, The created layouts are mixed, and they tell us stories, repeating themselves at certain intervals.Decembers We call this form of storytelling ‘music’. We call the urge to accompany repetitions in music tempo. When we talk, make love, and fight, we all have a tempo that reveals our character. It's our passion that we support so that the pace doesn't tire us out. Passion excites us, encourages interaction. If interaction expresses our feelings; where so many accounts are chained together, it is inevitable that logic and coincidence will make love and take seeds from it. Here is the name of this child, which is the answer to all our questions of existence: in the language of marketing, ‘making up emotional intelligence’, and in the language of the universe; ‘need'. We human beings know people who tell beautiful stories, those who are the solution to great needs. We remember and remember.

I'm going to talk about a name that makes history in our society. This human son, whose only purpose is to lift and lower the mass into the air, made such a sound as he took his breath that there was hope for millions all over the world. This man, who has lifted 3 times the burden he can carry, challenged his size, the world, and embarrassed those who say you can't. A man who has lifted the honor of his people on his shoulders and raised a generation to its feet with the flow of his forehead. This beautiful person; he became a light for a nation that forgot the meaning of the word’ success ' and lived to serve his country until his last breath. The name of this hero is Naim Suleymanoglu! In our country, in October, his life finally enters the vision. They have a great cast and a strong team. I'm sure it'll be a good movie. I hope that we will continue to honor the name of the Turkish success symbol in this way. And I have no doubt that we will!

First, as a member of a family that emigrated from Yugoslavia (today Resne Macedonia) in 1957, I would like to mention the lives of those who emigrated from the Balkans to Turkey, such as Naim Suleymanoglu. There are 77,431 registered families in Turkey, who come from Yugoslavia alone. We settled in free immigrant status. Our immigration is not politically qualified. But Yugoslavia was a country where racism and sectarian conflicts were highest, and economic development was also difficult. It should not be interpreted as a racist on behalf of me, but unfortunately it is an indisputable fact that we Turks are at the head of the communities that Serbian gangs do not like most. After the Republic, approximately 1,600,000 registered people emigrated to Turkey from Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. In particular, the migrations in Bulgaria and Greece have been caused by state policy. Turks, Albanians, Bosniaks, Pomaks were persecuted, their houses were marked, their women were raped. On this land, a tower was made of skulls. The faith of the emigrating people is Muslim, their profession is farmer, their mother tongue is Turkish, although in different dialects. They have a higher literacy rate than the average population of the Republic of Turkey at the time of their arrival. Decency is more common, especially among women. In other words, those who talk back and forth about immigrant Turks should know that these people, who are Ottoman subjects, who glorify Turkishness and Islam, did not come to Turkey because of their pleasure. What saddens me most is the nasty comments made by those who describe themselves as Islamists, Ottomans and nationalists. Even hundreds of insults were attributed to the fact that our founder, Our Savior, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, was an immigrant from Thessaloniki. Let these people know that I am the son of an ancestor who gave up tobacco farming and came to this country with a blanket in his hand and started from scratch without any support. The problem of these people was to live their generations under a blessed banner, on the land of a safe homeland where they could only be their own. You can't be a shred of dirt on these people's fingers! Ask these people what it means to be stateless, to be separated from the ancestral homeland! I'll continue the rest in my book.

When Naim Suleymanoglu was named “the best athlete in the world” by the International Weightlifting Press Commission in 1992, my family returned to Istanbul from Germany.. I'm three years old then. I can't comment on those years because I can't remember anything. By the time I started elementary school, he had become the strongest athlete in the world and won enough first place to be forgotten. So much so that I would say that his success creates a strange feeling of satisfaction. My interest in history began when I was 10. At that time, all I had to do was read it once to memorize the text I was reading. Mostly I had fun memorizing articles in encyclopedias and showing off to my peers. The desire to be ahead of everyone, to be shown with a finger, to be treated special; I think it reflects what a spoiled character I am. Besides the impact of learning to read and write and four processes at the age of 5, my share of being an only child is large. My boring and questioning primary school period, with a spoiled desire, had become more exciting when I started working in secondary school. At that time, All I knew as a success in sports was Hamza Yerlikaya in wrestling, Naim Suleymanoglu and Halil Mutlu in weightlifting. It seemed strange to me that football was often played and not successful. So it was a worthless activity for me. Success was like an individual phenomenon for our generation. I think that's why we were always in the race and didn't want to partner with our success. For example, I would like to commemorate a friend of mine named Egemen Aktan, who I competed in the first class. I guess we both hated each other less for getting the same grade in class. Personally, I admit that there were times when I was jealous that I wasn't first. When I went to middle school, I felt a lot about the lack of him in another school. Another interesting situation in sports was that no one's name was mentioned except the names I mentioned above. However, we have trained legendary athletes in many branches, including boxing (such as Cemal Kamaci). It may be that there was little sporting success from 1968 to the nineties. I would like to appreciate this vision of the late Turgut Özal. If there is no sound, there is danger. Naim Suleymanoglu was the name that broke our blind luck by breaking this silence. In school, Naim Suleymanoglu was called as the names of our national literati, heroes of the war of Independence were taught. Although it was not equivalent, we were aware that it was a national symbol for us.

I talked about my interest in the science of history as a child. It was a time when I had just learned that we were a society that created great States and ruled the world; that we were fighting and defeating the whole world at the same time. When I first met Seyit corporal, he said, 'the most powerful man in the world is always a Turk, we are never defeated, so God must have created us special.'I remember very well what I said. Everyone in my generation got their education with the same curriculum. He studied the same history lessons. Not just me, but all the boys from the same period as me, I think, imitated Naim Sulaymanoglu. At least he wanted to blow his hair and air it. If so, every child who decries history can form a childish bond between Seyit Corporal and Naim Suleymanoglu. This is the corresponding exegesis of the phrase’ to be hope'. It's not about creating a role model, it's about being able to prove it in every period of history. We're capable of that. This is what I mean by Naim Suleymanoglu's strange sense of saturation success. How exciting is the race of a person who is a constant World Champion, sets a record and takes a title? For you, it is nothing more than a normal result. You can't count on failure. It doesn't suit you. And all your attention goes on out of fear. That's why I call him' Matrushka Naim'. When you combine the chain link, logic and coincidence that his successive achievements describe, it shows how much we decisively need him.

I guess I can't be the only person in my generation who thinks that. I know from myself that those who think like that want to do their job well. To be the best, to be the strongest, to be worthy and to be proud should not be an alien concept to my generation. It is not impossible for us to achieve. We grew up believing in the existence of power above us that will overcome all difficulties. ‘A Turk Is Worth The World!'his word,' let my presence be a gift to the Turkish presence!'The Vow was one of those sentences that I found to pay off. I'm sure we grew up smarter than me, more religious than me, very young. Galatasaray's UEFA Cup, our National Football Team is the third in the world, Sertap Erener is the first in Eurovision (even with an English song), The Late Barış Manço and Tarkan can announce their names outside our country, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Fazıl Say, Kerem Görsev, such as creating values, Aziz Sancar' qualified for my generation is a great chance. We can do more. I believe this. Many; Okay Sinanoğlu, Cahit Arf, Farya Özel, Eren Bali, Nevzat Aydın, Özlem Türeci, Neva Çiftçioğlu, Afet Inan, Hulusi Behçet, Muazzez Ilmiye Avalanche, Sharif Mardin, Canan Dağdeviren, Biykem Bozkurt, Özlem Türeci, Hatice Cuha, Azra Kohen... such names that I can not finish counting as open as the day we will grow. Be stubborn to those who say that they will not come out of us, remember these names! As long as we don't forget that these values are within us, they shouldn't slip away.

Because of this, Naim Sulaymanoglu did not raise up only a mass. The burden on the shoulders of a nation, its fate, has been lifted. While the names of the scientists I mentioned above do not appear on TV, he etched success in our memory with his pop! By coming from other lands and giving more than we belong where he feels he belongs. Sleep tight, Pocket Hercules! If these special names that I remember with him are music; let our achievements be our song! Turkish Youth,..

Stay With Love,

Kani Fatih Turhan

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