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HOW TO SET UP A WEB SITE ?Ready site institution with Wix :

Ready site institution with Wix :

Website institutions can go through 16 sections, including Business, Designer, blog, virtual store, restaurant and food, health and beauty, photography, accommodation, profotolyo and CV, music, events and other sections that should choose the subject as priority.

Then, if the section you want is not above, press the other and press WIX name to decipher the site for you, and then select what the site is about to be used for instead of searching, and you say continue.

After setting up the optional address or enter your business name after atlaya said after pressing CONTINUE, you will want to time an Activity institution that, too, after filling out your information again, to review, 6 template 1 template on your site that will fit them in front of you you have made your choice in front of you like you again will design 3 by selecting addet to the site-specific page 8 page you wanted you can add as much as you will want to.

When we press Edit site, you can add the parts you want to add that you want to edit on the site.

If you are going to add photos to the site;

first, find and download the most appropriate photo for your job from the internet. Then click on the photo you want to change, and settings, i.e. “settings”, will appear in front of you in the image area on the left side, so you can drag or copy and paste the file you will receive by pressing the load Media Button in the blue box on the left side by pressing there. If it is any video that you will then add, you can add it with the same shape here


The phone number there is an email and the location is personal!!!


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