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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It started producing from the moment people contacted each other. He sought different areas of communication with the instinct to express himself. Many methods of communication have continued to be developed to the present day.

The beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the progress of Communication gave rise to different needs in people's lives. A new era began with the Industrial Revolution. Breakthroughs in creativity and design were realized due to the need for production. With the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with the further development of people, the power of machinery and reason emerged. With this revolution, the branches of technology developed. Along with the production branches, the process of data collection and communication has evolved. The industry has, in a sense, gone digital. With these changes, the possibility of rapid production in the field of design was born.

The designer must always move forward with the principle of being open to innovation. The adventure, which started with technical drawing, reached the dimension of ”virtual reality”.

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