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Augmented reality was first achieved to some degree in 1957 by a cinematographer named Morton Heilig. He invented the Sensorama, which gives the viewer visuals, sounds, vibration and smell. Of course, it wasn't computer-controlled, but it was the first example of an attempt to add October data to an experience.

Later in 1968, American computer scientist and early Internet influencer Ivan Sutherland invented the head-mounted display as a kind of window into the virtual world. The technology used at the time made the invention practical for mass use.In 1975, an American computer artist Myron Krueger users to manipulate virtual objects and interact with virtual objects in real time and allows for a "Videoplace" first in the form of "virtual reality" interface was developed.

Steve Mann, a computational photography researcher, invented the wearable computer in 1980.Of course, these were not “virtual reality” or “augmented reality” at the time, because virtual reality was coined by Jaron Lainer in 1989 and Thomas P Caudell of Boeing in 1990, who coined the phrase “augmented reality.”

The first properly functioning AR system was decommissioned in 1992 by Louis Rosenberg at the USAF Armstrong Research Laboratory. It was called Virtual fixtures and was an incredibly complex robotic system designed to compensate for the lack of high-speed 3D graphics processing power. At the beginning of the 90s. It enabled the superimposition of sensory information in a workspace to increase human productivity.There have been many other breakthroughs in augmented reality between here and today; the most notable are Dec.:

* Bruce Thomas developed an outdoor mobile AR game called ARQuake in 2000 Dec.

* ARToolkit (a design tool) became available in Adobe Flash in 2009.

* In 2013, Google announced an open beta version of Google Glass (a project with mixed success).

* Microsoft announced augmented reality support and augmented reality headset HoloLens in 2015.

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