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Get Away From The Smartphone, Charge Your Brain!

How long can we avoid the harm of smart tefons?

Get Away From The Smartphone, Charge Your Brain!

We can all, of course, put aside our mobile phones and tear ourselves away from them. And how long can we do that? An hour, half an hour, maybe just two minutes? Here it would be useful to decipher this test to determine our phone addiction. Whether we want it or not, smartphones have become part of our bodies. Living without this new piece has become extremely difficult.

The reason we call these phones smartphones is because they have many unusual functions that make our lives quite easy, as we all know. From the point of view of the science of psychology, it can be concluded that our mobile phones are already devices used instead of human intelligence. Creating more comfortable, fast and effective solutions by installing some functions and tasks that we need to do on our own has become part of normal life.

Many of us knew the phone numbers of our friends, family members, boyfriends or girlfriends by heart, until not-so-old dates. And now it has become very rare to know these numbers. In addition, another situation that we have observed recently is the fact that we have lost some certain orientation abilities day by day. Currently, we can use GPS technology in almost any area without any logical or planar effort to find our direction in a certain place.

So we wouldn't be wrong if we said that we actually got to a point where smartphones started to control our lives. Because most of the issues related to our capabilities and capabilities have been inherited by these devices.

In addition, there is another issue that is at least as interesting and as worrying as what we have highlighted so far. Smartphones reduce our performance, reduce our energy, and negatively affect our motivation. How does this happen? Now let's look at some more detailed information about the subject.

We need to be more capable than them to stop smartphones from controlling us.

Getting Away From A Smartphone For A Few Hours Is A Health Requirement

Although many of us don't believe it, when we put the phone aside, nothing will happen, so the world will continue to rotate. If someone calls or sends a message, the fact that they will get an answer in a few hours will probably not change anything. Everything will remain in place, every person will continue their normal life and every job will continue to wait to be done. But in fact, during this short disconnect, we will undergo the main change. Because we'll feel a lot better when we don't take care of the cell phone for a certain period of time. Here's the main issue.

But as logical as this way of thinking is, achieving separation from the phone in real life is actually quite a challenge.

Because although we are not very aware, it has become a habit to deal with the phone very often and constantly. At the point where we come as a modern person, we want to take our smartphone in our hands, even at rest times when we are not actively engaged in work. In brief we gave at work, when travelling by subway, waiting in a queue, while they wait for the movie to start in the cinema, they like them and every moment is an ideal opportunity for us to look for a cell phone.

At this point, we need to say that even during our rest times, using a mobile phone has extremely harmful consequences. Because the human brain needs to be disconnected from whatever we are interested in, even for very short periods of time. But if we continue to deal with intense stimuli, such as content found on smartphones, we will not be able to meet these short-break needs of the brain. The consequences of this situation are extremely remarkable. An interesting study conducted on this subject gives us important information about this remarkable situation.

Mental burnout and smartphones

Rutgers University, located in the U.S. state of New Jersey, conducted a wide-ranging study involving students. In this context, more than 400 university students were subjected to a series of psychotechnical tests of varying degrees of difficulty.

Half of these students were asked to rest for an hour before taking the test. They were not allowed to use mobile phones during this rest period. However, the other half of the students were allowed to use mobile phones during rest periods. After applying these rules, tests were performed, and a very interesting and noteworthy result emerged. Students who used mobile phones during the rest period made 22% more mistakes than those who did not.

In addition, when the time to understand each question answered in the psychotechnical test was examined, students using the phone October spent approximately twice as much time. This data has revealed a fact that researchers have actually already sensed: electronic devices significantly reduce our attention and effectiveness in solving complex problems. In addition, research has also found that resting away from a mobile phone for at least an hour allows us to regain our mental energy.

Set aside your mobile phone and rest your processor for a few hours

The study we mentioned above has shown us that none of us are actually aware of the energy and potential that mobile phones consume. Of course, when we say energy, we're not talking about electricity, we're talking about our own cognitive capacity. Our mental nape, our ability to focus on a subject by giving our attention, our ability to observe, react, find our direction in a city, and even communicate with each other in a closer, human way…

Here is a fact that the answer to these problems is not to use “mindless” phones more. It is natural that technology offers more capable, advanced and sophisticated products Day by day. All of this will come back to us in some way, and this will perhaps affect our lives in a positive way. The most important point here is how we use these technologies. It would be unwise to say that a highly unusual device would necessarily be harmful as long as it was under our control.

It won't hurt you to put your smartphone aside for two or three hours or all afternoon. If you are heavily and constantly connected to the phone, then the brain will be damaged, making us feel tired, causing us to lose our power of movement, losing our abilities and even our health. This issue is an issue that we have to pay utmost attention to and is becoming more important day by day. Because, as experts underline, people have already crossed the point where they form some kind of emotional connection with smartphones. In other words, these devices are no longer a means of making life easier, they have become a friend that you will not forget at home.

Now, please, let's think about this a little more deeply.

To recharge ourselves, let's hang up the phone, get away from it and live life.

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