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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

1. Bringing science concepts to life with augmented reality. We can now use augmented reality to create a tornado, then bring the funnel directly to the classroom so students can experience these devastating storms up close. Or students can decipher decapitated bees in a beehive to see its inner workings and discover how bees work together to support society.

2. The SkyView app allows students to explore the universe using decals of the night sky. With SkyView, anyone can hold up their mobile device to identify stars, constellations, planets and even moons.

3. The Froggipedia app allows students to decipher an animal's internal organs through the app's AR technology.

4. Microsoft HoloLens has developed a way for medical students and clinicians to learn about the human body using Mixed Reality. Students can flow through the bloodstream, isolate, grow, and even walk inside the components of the human body to learn not only how to understand anatomy, but how to treat different medical conditions.

5. 1943 Berlin Blitz by immersive VR Education prepared for the BBC, 360°of Nazi Germany to help students understand what it is to live an important historical event from a night raid uses real-life images.

6. Most teachers can't take their students to base camp on Mount Everest or visit the Louvre, but they can do both with a series of highly immersive school trips with Google Expeditions.

7. If you wished you could practice speaking in front of a virtual audience before taking a real stage, you can now put on your virtual reality glasses and do just that. VirtualSpeech helps you improve your public speaking skills with immersive, realistic virtual reality simulations.

8. Steam'S VR Museum of Fine Arts allows users to see top-notch paintings and sculptures, including the Mona Lisa, up close, without battling crowds or protective glass.

9. Training companies can also use extended reality in professional situations. Police departments now use VR to train officers to deal with riots or arrest people in certain situations, with the aim of making the streets safer for citizens and officers.

10. Learning languages while reading may sound very theoretical, but virtual reality educational software companies like Mondly can provide an immersive language learning experience without having to travel to a foreign country. In Mondly'S VR worlds, you can have real conversations with real people, making your language learning stronger and more enduring.

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