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Be An Instructor At Aytunga!

Aytung What Is It? It is a digital platform focused on information and education.

Why should I be an instructor at aytunga?

Here, individuals can follow experts in their field, share information and grow their network! He has been a pioneer in many issues, both technological and network modeling, and has not hesitated to take innovative steps in this regard.

Individuals are trained in the field they wish to specialize in, seminars, conferences, etc. by following the events, they can participate through Aytunga. By sharing what they know, they can contribute to others and earn October income!

Aytunga has unprecedented power of interaction in the field of education with its ability to be a community where communities meet. In this way, Aytunga has always managed to get behind the support of the best and competent names.

Since its inception, it has never lost the spirit of being a startup with a global goal. In addition to showing yourself with your knowledge abroad in the future, it allows you to show yourself in professional relationships with many institutions and organizations. Taking part in the growing platform, especially with the support of important academics and industry doyens in our country, will contribute positively to your awareness.

By sharing your expertise with us, using the accumulation power of such a network with a reference to the structure that strengthens the cooperation of academia and industry will bring you one step closer to the future.

What Do I Have To Do To Become An Instructor? If you want, you can join us by applying, and you can take your place among those who guide the future!Dec.

If you are deemed eligible after application, you will be invited to Aeep (Aytunga Instructor Training Program) according to your level. At the end of the seminar, you will be given a reference badge and instructor certificate. In Aytunga, you can also take advantage of the privileges in the instructor status and refer to us on digital platforms. What is AEEP?

Aeep is the general name of the training program of Aytunga training programs for training instructors. The Program consists of three levels; BIGG, Consultant and Starter.

Starter: these are trainings for those who have no previous educational experience and do not provide counseling services to anyone.

Consultant: it targets people who have provided consultancy services but have no experience in providing training.

BIGG: it targets people who have previous educational experience. Instructors participating in this program will be awarded the 'Aytunga reference' badge. Representatives of institutions participating in the training are required to participate in the 'Aytunga Partnership Program and receive the 'Aytunga Partners' badge for cooperation.

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