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Aytunga Manifest

Who are we? We are an entrepreneurial team whose love is science, it and technology, committed, determined to provide benefits! We Aytunga We Are!

The people who make ignorance valuable by what they know are on the verge of extinction.

As individuals who develop themselves, we have a responsibility to clean up the poison of extinction created by information pollution! It is humanity's primary duty to leave a world full of pure, well-meaning, useful, peaceful young people on earth! Societies can only do this by showing their abilities, sharing what they know, and discussing their analysis! So by working together, the’ community ' continues to exist!

Although we have commercial concerns caused by vital needs in our goals, we are not coming to rival anyone! On the contrary, our goal is to create a foundation for work that contains elements that will support all kinds of software and hardware that will make the world more livable!

In our opinion, love, peace and decency prevail on Earth; it is possible that the thoughts that make Man Human come together on the roof of ‘knowledge’ and ‘love of learning’ without knowing any boundaries freely!

A conscious heart cannot be unscrupulous!

No matter what political thought, faith, language, race you are, if you want to benefit the world and create this benefit within the framework of education, knowledge and science, you are on the same path as US. It is our fundamental duty not to allow any physical and intellectual obstacle to prevent you from doing so!

With our energy, as the order of the universe has taught us, we are the nefers of good hearts that light up the darkness! Just as the ancestors of humanity guided us by passing on their experience and made us stronger than them, we will make our future generations stronger than us by bringing peace to the world in the light of knowledge and education!

Just as we are not enemies to any community, we will not hesitate to invite every structure or person who is a threat to our principles and purpose of existence to our friendship with our stance and attitude!

And to whom will we show this stance and attitude?

Our position is for those who are wise, even though they do not know anything.

Our attitude is to those who do nothing but criticize things and destroy the Earth!

We are no more than a few idealists who know science, informatics and technology as a lifestyle!

So we have made the guidance of knowledge a guide to those who do it best and those who yearn for it.

History has given us a mission to break the leg of the puppet devil (those who sell their knowledge)! It is our duty to our future to stop the understanding of the media that the puppet devil (those who deflect the truth) is trying to create unconscious generations!

We're you!

Aytunga Is Skinnier Than Him! Touch The Information!


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