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Welcome to MIS 2021 3D Rooms!

With the main sponsorship of PAYTR, 15 important names shaping the future, Smart Urbanization; With the main theme of Environment and Life, it comes together from various parts of the world!

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The Marmara Informatics Summit, led by Aytunga, one of the initiatives of the Information Commercialization Center and Nişantaşı NishNova Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, will be held online and live for the third time this year, curated by Kani Fatih Turhan.

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On Saturday, November 27, 2021, Time; As of 10:20, you will witness many firsts in the event, which you can watch for free on and Aytunga social media accounts!

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So who is the speaker at the event? The event will be moderated by digital communication consultant Dilara Eldaş Baş; prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca will make the opening speech. After the speech held within the framework of 'Urbanization and Climate Change', Ayonix's founder and CEO Dr. Sadi Vural will give information about 'The Smart World and Its Systems Changing with Face Recognition'. Right after, PAYTR General Manager Mr. Tarık Tombul will talk about 'Contributions of Fintechs to the World of Informatics'. After AtlasOffice CEO Pınar Öncü emphasized the importance of "Metaverse and Digital Urbanization", which has been on the agenda recently, the first session will end. During the 15-minute break, the avatar created by artificial intelligence for the first time in the world will host the live event under the name MekaTunga 42nd Wish. A 100% informatics event awaits us, where you will get to know the Mekatungas, of which Aytunga is the manager, for the first time.

With the topic "MLOps: Continuous production and automation levels in machine learning", Dr. Alper Öner will take the stage. Ceren Güzelgün, who works as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Insider, will convey the importance of "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in E-commerce" with questions from Dilara Eldaş Baş. Abdul Khaleq Al - Qasaily will present to us smart urbanization through the eyes of angel investors.

After a 15-minute break with Mekatunga 42nd Wish, the Founder of EMYD - Perfotech, Mr. Fehmi Darbay, will tell us about the 'Commercial Understanding of the Modern Age' and the advantages of technology, and the third session will begin. Güray Yıldırım will tell us about 'Chaos Engineering' with the title of 'Making Business by Confusing'. The popular name of the informatics ecosystem, software developer and informatics trainer M. Mustafa Bolat will give his presentation titled 'Effective Measurement and Competent Method'. After MekaTunga 42.Dilek takes the stage again, the last session will begin. ChargeSoft co-founder Ziya Çağrı Yeni will provide important information about 'End-to-End Electric Vehicle Charging Station Management'. Nişantaşı University, Head of Genetics and Bioengineering Department Assoc. Dr. Zeynep Birsu Çinçin will provide information on the subject of "Artificial Intelligence Applications in Healthcare", while Hakan Arca, Business Development and Investor Relations Manager of the Information Commercialization Center, will answer the question "What kind of a business plan should the initiatives to be implemented on the axis of Smart Urbanism have?" The event will end with 42. Wish.

Organized by Aytunga, with the main sponsorship of PayTR, a full program awaits us with its firsts on Saturday, 27 November between 10:20 - 17.40! A reminder e-mail will be sent to those who have registered.

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