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In There's The Rub, Lip is approached by military police and finds out Ian used his name and social security number to enlist. He is now wanted for the attempted theft of government property, impersonating Lip and going AWOL. The military police show Lip a picture of Ian and ask if he recognizes him; Lip covers for him by saying he has never seen him before. Concerned for his brother, Lip returns home to the Southside and begins looking for clues. He asks Mickey if he has seen Ian; Mickey says no and asks if Ian is in trouble. With Debbie's help, they find out that Ian has been in touch with Mandy and told her he was staying with an old boyfriend. Upon investigation, they find out it was Lloyd, though Ian stopped staying with him as he had been asked to leave when he damaged Lloyd's property. Lloyd informs them that Ian is now with Monica. They find and abandoned house full of Ian's stuff, but not him. When they call out for Ian, they are approached by a naked woman who threatens to shoot them. After reasoning with her, the siblings find out that Ian now works at a bar called the White Swallow. They enter the bar and see Ian serving people drinks. His appearance and behavior are different, he wears a glittery top and makeup, and he acts as though he is on drugs. Upon seeing his siblings, Ian approaches them very enthusiastically and acts as if nothing had happened. He appears manic, offering them drinks and seeming very distracted. He does not answer Lip's questions, but informs him that he has been working at the club for two weeks. He also comments that he finds the idea of the army police searching for him "hilarious", and that he did not "steal anything", he just "started the rotors". Lip tries to get Ian to talk outside, but to no avail; he is dragged away by security and Ian does not seem to notice. Debbie expresses concern for her brother, asking if there is something wrong with him. Lip tells her that at least they know where he is now, and says he will check on Ian again soon.

Big gay titted ex, boyfriend.

Ian ultimately decides to meet up with Mickey that night. Mickey tells Ian, "I knew you'd come," and kisses him passionately. Ian initially returns the kiss, but soon pushes Mickey away. Ian tells Mickey that he's "got [his] shit together now" and even has a boyfriend. Mickey seems unfazed and asks, "Then why are you here?" Ian initiates the kiss this time, and the two have sex at the docks. The next morning, Ian wakes up in the van cuddling with Mickey. While Mickey is still sleeping, Ian leaves a message on Trevor's phone saying he misses Trevor. Ian then wakes Mickey up to let him know that Ian has to leave for work. Mickey asks if he will see Ian again, and Ian takes the unlit cigarette out of Mickey's mouth to kiss him before replacing the cigarette and leaving.

Next time, the same Priest tries to "free" a gay boy of his "sin" of "homosexuality". While quoting the Bible, Ian interrupts him, by quoting another passage from the Bible and the Priest asks him if he's homosexual as well. Ian says yes and continues to quote. The Priest makes more quotations and Ian makes more. After some time, he asks Trevor if he's Ian's "queer" boyfriend. Trevor comes out as "queer transgender ex-boyfriend" and Ian says that they'll probably have sex again soon. Ian also calls the homosexual ones among the audience to their place where their homeless kids stay. The very homosexual boy who was forced to be heterosexual in the first place tells Ian he'll go there. This whole scene is being recorded by a girl among the audience and it ends with the gay boy's dad, calling him back. Ian intervenes and asks the dad if he wants his "ass, kicked by a h-o-m-o-s-e-x-u-a-l". The dad stops, calling his son and some other homosexual people follow Ian and Trevor, out of the Church.

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