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Since the first day of its activities, Aytunga has taken care to record and share it on various digital platforms, both in its own internal work and even if it has held the events of different communities offline.

According to Aytunga, if the content of the event is of a nature that provides education or information transfer and aims to benefit the society, it should definitely reach more people.

Aytunga supports beneficial communities for all activities planned online and offline and offers solutions to their needs in every sense.

At Aytunga, communities can collect sponsorships (donations) with the events they share, and earn money by selling tickets.

You can now create an event with an individual or corporate brand. After you fill out the event creation form and send it to us, you will be contacted within 24 hours at the latest. Events accepted after the review will start broadcasting on the platform.

For paid events, a 20% commission will be deducted from each ticket sale.

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