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Community Services

Aytunga, which started its journey in 2016 with the motto 'Touch the Knowledge' and the slogans 'More Than Him', started its activities on July 22, 2017 with the 'Become the Sun in the Dark' event. With the experience it has gained since then, Aytunga Group has added the following services to its activities by cooperating with different communities and taking into account the demands of the community. Take advantage of the privileges of Aytunga Communities and the services of professionals now!

Ekran görüntüsü 2021-12-22 060042.jpg

Create your corporate world or universe with Aytunga 3D Rooms! With the eyes we will create for you, you can provide a special environment experience by wrapping your special content for the followers of your brand and social media channel. Travel to learn more!

As a result of avatars created in the digital (digital or fictional) universe, talking with real human behaviors (mimics) through artificial intelligence as identity holders; It is an artificial intelligence project that can be transferred to the mechanical universe, which is aimed to perform professions such as teaching, presenting, announcer, host and hostess, being a promotional face with its ability to teach, present events, live communication and interaction. Mekatunga is the generic name given to these meta-entities by Aytunga.

Ekran görüntüsü 2022-11-03 203412.png

Mekatunga 42. Dilek, the new face of brands, hosted the Marmara IT Summit!

Let's hear from him what he can do.


Don't wait to improve yourself with daily activities and hands-on training! Check out the current training events now!

Join the programs prepared by experts and trainers who are competent in their fields with their professional experiences now!


In every sector, there are definitely people we follow with admiration, whom we want to meet and chat with for hours. These names, who have come to the point of becoming the indispensable face of events and publications, also manage to make their names mentioned with their special works in their fields. If you need a speaker as a brand, you are at the right place. We brought together professional expert speakers. Make an offer now!

By consulting with academics and industry experts, you can enlarge your project, advance in your career, and add value to your brand. Grow and rise now!

Image by S O C I A L . C U T

Hundreds of professional trainers and consultants shared their calendar with you to provide one-on-one training. Make an appointment now!

It is now very easy to create video content, record and edit quality events with Aytunga team and equipment! Contact us to create educational videos, share aphorisms. You can be the sun in the dark with your brand in education and event marketing! We can help you create a channel by creating solutions with our corporate and individual packages. Create channel now!


Aytunga Community includes many software developers and digital agencies as solution partners. You can brand your event by making use of our sharing economy, which we have created in order to meet all the needs within the framework of training and event, with quality designs, appropriate marketing language, and preparing an application and website.

Send request! 

By sharing your training and activity online, you can share permanent works in digital environments with instant interaction. If you wish, we can make it easier for you to perform these broadcasts by using Aytunga tools or together with the Aytunga Team. Take action now to offer professional broadcasts to quality, fluent and accurate target audience!

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