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Your reasons for not being an entrepreneur

My true thoughts about entrepreneurship can cool, insolent many young people. But I wanted to write that you don't come to the gas of people. I'll address its emotional dimensions, not financial ones. Know the facts! Entrepreneurship;

I don't personally recommend being an entrepreneur to anyone. You can choose from those you love, you can have to love those you don't like, you can do what you don't want to do, you can lose friends. In short, if you are not in your soul, you will encounter moments when you will have to compromise your character. Sometimes you'll even risk being humiliated.

It's easy to make mistakes in the bourgeois class. For those who start from scratch, you have one shot, three chances. I november as an entrepreneur, not a tradesman. I'm talking about the desire to start a Startup, to produce projects, to realize ideals. From being the person who found the idea in the body, from philosophical engineering. I do not ignore the shopkeepers event in terms of sustainability, but entrepreneurship is not just shopkeepers. Or it should be called girshism, not something else. For example, I call him a philosophical engineer.

If you're an entrepreneur, self-confidence, analytical thinking, perception management, and management are skills you need to have. Patience, human ability and determination are the most important human qualities. Business development logic does not include concepts such as profit of a short day, saving a day.

It is very clear that an entrepreneur is not a 100% healthy thinker. A Normal person gets his salary, spends the money he earns with his loved ones, lives without risk. Most people interpret the risk as steps taken for work. But the risk is nothing more than leaving the comfort zone. For this reason, you become an entrepreneur, 'I'm a normal person, you don't notice yourself' nonsense leave a kenera. You're not Normal!

You need to constantly update your idea, adapt it to the conditions you set out on, and make your plans on that journey money. First, the definition of a job is not the same for everyone. Anyone can always consume a job. If you know how to tell the truth. Don't believe too much in what's written about it. You need to tell a drug differently to the doctor, different to the patient, different to the hospital. The hospital looks at the price advantage, the doctor looks at the patient's impact and risk, and the patient looks at the doctor's trust and results in other patients. All of them have different presentation areas.

Entrepreneurs are as smart as they are not normal. Although the people who accompany you on the journey Think Like officers, they carry the spirit of an entrepreneur. You have to walk with smart people. Smart people have high egos. Working with people who know helps you sustain that work beyond your ideal. But if your libertarian spirit there is not set on the freedom of others, your work can go beyond being the work you manage. This is a sign of maturation of a work if it happens at the right time. It means the business can now go on without you. Exit You're good. But if it happens at the wrong time, you're a prisoner of a job you don't want. When you think analytically (which is a disease) you always see ways in which mistakes will be compensated. This, in turn, drives you into a relentless vortex in your work, which you believe will create benefits. The only way not to enter this vortex depends on you being the strongest person. I don't know how sensible it would be to continue if you're not the strongest; you're sticking to the impulses of need, need. Failure to continue can cause you embarrassment with the feeling that your work will go to waste. The sack I know always sinks into you. Whether you do their bidding or not, you are the only ones guilty of the troubles. It takes away your self-confidence to govern. His failure to take it has caused you to lose someone, it will be. Making everyone happy is not the right way of thinking. If everyone's happiness will give you unhappiness, you will lose the passion you should have.

Being an entrepreneur is not playing the game by the book. Isn't this where the risk point was born? Why else did you leave your comfort zone? If others tell the truth, sometimes you may have to wait and dogma your own truth. That makes you cheesy. In some, you are encoded as an idiot/idiot. If you are patient, or if the other side is patient, it will think otherwise.

Human capital matters. Everyone reacts if they perceive you as manipulative, but if you don't offer them interests, they leave instantly. If you meet people who constantly say it's me, my advice is to leave immediately. But if it's not possible, I advise you not to make him feel that you will be in front of him, but if possible, run!

You may have to withstand the incitement of poisonous species that do similar work with you and say, ' there is no one but us, there is only us.' There are people who really seem to make fun of it that way. If you are open to cooperation in jobs that are similar but can be fed from each other, there will be those who think you are a competitor and insult you to the market. Even the one who integrated the same thing into him.

People get hung up on very simple issues. For example the project name. He's the latest link. Before other problems are resolved, updating the name or changing the interface is usually the first move that comes to mind in a uafak contraction. However, the work you do needs simple fixes and a quality product. Business does not have to tell everyone or everyone understands it. If this is a need, you need to help in every way. If you don't direct and Tell, No one will own you.

Advertising alone does not make you a brand. Seo alone does not gain you users. The action that gives you a user is that you can keep the person who comes to you inside. No initiative that doesn't care about customer loyalty has grown. That's why the sales team is more important than all teams. Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Marketing should be synchronized separately. It must come to the whole piecemeal. It may not be clear what you are doing when you establish this balance. The decision you make between telling and spending time or making and implementing instant decisiveness is related to your team culture. It's effective in your power. You can't lie to people who know the kitchen from the outside. The best marketing for them is to be honest (not exaggerate) . If the language outside is not aggressive and exaggerated, you can not own your work to anyone. It takes a different skill to tell the people next to you. Because a man in the kitchen thinks like a man in the kitchen. But your consumer does not know the cuisine. As he buys shampoo, he subscribes to the website with the same logic. it's like this all over the world.

The philosophy of social media, the self-centered understanding of media, has even created a new religion today. He corrupted relationships. The rapid resolution of everyone's needs has led people to think they don't need anyone. Most importantly, the change in trends caused the same information to be marketed as new, and the real information owners to be consumed cheaply. In such an environment, it means that everyone will always know more than you do. If being able to accept this will not set your free spirit, move on. Otherwise I do what I know is not a permanent luxury.

Another event is that in the eyes of the investor, you are always bought, transferred, a good white person. You're definitely not an investor or a boss. 'It's unnecessary to get investment if you don't want to grow your business too much. If $ 250,000 is enough for you, don't try to get $ 100,000. If the goal is not to go public..etc. there'll be people.'Don't believe her! If your goal is not to go public, don't go down this path. That's the point of saying We don't have a Startup success. A.P. as I have received confirmation from many people about the company. Absolutely.P. as sirketlesin. Then the investor will have high confidence in you.

It's important to travel globally to be a Global player, but it's more important to get a network there. If there is no Network, even if your site is a foreign language, it will not make sense.

In short, being an entrepreneur is not a smart person's job. You must be a psychopath. You must be crazy enough to wage war on the poor, the poor, the poor. You must be calculating and intent reader (predictive). (mischief, not in the sense of sincere bargaining. So the analyst.) You have to be so strong-willed that you don't get tired of thinking day and night, looking at the screen, researching, and not getting bored. You have to read constantly and improve yourself. Most importantly, you have to accept being alone in the crowd, socially nerdy.

I can write more about it, but I'll warn you if it's small. The rest is your appreciation and talent. If you don't have reputation concerns, you don't lose from trying

Hail to those who can live as they think;) <3


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