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Want to become a cloud computing specialist? Google Cloud Platform, DevOps, Kubernetes.... Learn

You can acquire the skills you need to enter the sought-after realm of cloud technology without spending too much, money or time.

Technology budgets are expected to increase significantly over the next year. And, of course, everything will continue to move to the cloud. Cloud skills will be very valuable in the future. So if you're thinking of moving on to a new career in technology, cloud computing would certainly be a smart way to go.

Get a quick start to a new position in technology with" DevOps Fundamentals." As an IT professional, you can learn everything you need to be competent. And all subsequent courses will steadily improve your cloud computing skills.

In" CompTIA Cloud+ "and" CompTIA Cloud Essentials+", You will learn how to use cloud technologies securely and make smart business decisions about them. After receiving" Certified Cloud Security Professional: CCSP", you can work to pass the CCSP exam.

There are three courses on Google Cloud Platform to help you develop skills specific to Kubernetes Engine. "Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification Training" is a short and concise guide. In the "Certified Kubernetes Application Developer" section, you will learn how to design, configure, and create native Kubernetes applications. And" Kubernetes: encapsulating applications in the Cloud " explains deployment automation, Kubernetes administrator responsibilities, and more. If you already have crazy Kubernetes skills and need a certificate to make your resume stand out, all you need is a "Certified Kubernetes manager."

If Azure is your platform choice, there are two courses to help you pass the certification exams. "Microsoft AZ-203: solution development for Microsoft Azure" , the latest Microsoft Azure Developer Exam, and "Microsoft AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals" are for AZ-900.

For Amazon Web Services fans, "AWS: login and deep dive" provides a comprehensive guide to the platform from start to finish. If you are familiar with AWS, the" AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner " module will document your skills.

These courses are extremely effective. After all, 50 public institutions, 200 companies and more than 650,000 students said so. The company has been honored with several awards, including Best in Biz and Cybersecurity Excellence.

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