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Tesla's AI innovations are huge and have a state-of-the-art AI team

Recently, Elon Musk claimed that Tesla is becoming more known as an artificial intelligence and robotics company. The controversy was laid out during Tesla's 2021 Q1 earnings call on April 26. Tesla's name resonates as a leader in the electric vehicle and driverless car Sunday. However, due to car accidents involving Tesla and other growing complaints about technical quality issues, the company has been dragged into many controversies.

The announcement from Elon Musk came in the context of Tesla being able to develop a state-of-the-art AI team and technology for its self-driving cars. Reports revealed the share price fluctuated in initial gains, meaning the stock rose 1.2% on the day of its release to close at $ 736.20. But the shares have fallen 4.5% since the earnings announcement, according to the report.

Tesla, which launched in 2003, now has a market capitalization of $ 659.79 billion, according to Forbes. The company has been praised for leveraging disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence to improve production, rather than simply adhering to being an automaker . Elon Musk came out with remarks saying how Tesla would have the advantage of full autonomy because of the modern technology incorporated into it. In the first phase , Tesla had a partnership with Nvidia to make the chips , but later the company began making its own AI integrated silicon chips. These chips power driverless cars and drive them. Apart from that, Tesla uses deep neural networks, autonomy algorithms, ultrasonic sensors and powerful code fundamentals to build Autopilot software. As Elon Musk noted in his conference call, the company also used its own AI training software as a labeling tool.

During the debate about Tesla's Q1 financial earnings, Elon Musk made the following comment, according to a report by Electrek:

“Even though right now people think of Tesla as a car company or an energy company, I think in the long run people will think of Tesla as much as an artificial intelligence robot company. I think we're developing one of the most powerful hardware and software AI teams in the world.”

People often see self-driving cars as an example of real-world AI, and that's the problem Musk is ready to solve. That claim, put forward by Elon Musk, could be matched by Tesla's development of new domestic technologies and AI algorithms to meet the technical needs of cars.

Elon Musk has always had a complex approach to artificial intelligence. He said AI was a dangerous technology that could accelerate even the Third World War and then continue to unleash the latest innovations in AI. Musk also cited his concern about building a secure artificial intelligence. In such a scenario, this comment about Tesla's long-term recognition as an artificial intelligence and robotics company sounds a little confusing.

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