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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Positive impact on society

While technology has less impact on society as a whole than would be desirable, there are potentially more positive impacts on society than negative impacts. Such effects have made life easier for a large number of people and given many the resources, education and tools needed to lead a better life.Such impacts have greatly affected the agriculture, transport, communications and education sectors in societies globally.

Mechanization Of Agriculture

Old agricultural practices saw a radical change with the mechanization of Agriculture.Such mechanization simply means that machines and technological systems (including robots) replace old agricultural systems such as work animals and manual labor. This has resulted in more automated, highly efficient farm practices that produce far more abundant food supplies for more people.

Improving Transportation

Although it is still possible to walk to most places on Earth, it is possible to see trains, buses, cars, planes, speedboats, etc. its emergence has made it possible for people to go and go where they want in a much shorter time.Adding to this are car-sharing apps like Uber and Grab, which make it incredibly easy to get to a destination very quickly and cheaply.The backbone of any society is infrastructure, which includes both telecommunications and transport systems, so the evolution of both systems has greatly helped shape the modern world.

Improvement In Communication

Telecommunications systems are a very important part of any advanced society. From using bird messages and smoke signals to a faster, more efficient, more effective and more global email, phone calls and app messaging system, it allows people to stay connected in a globalised world. Skype VoIP telecom operators and Global people to roam the Earth and is extremely comfortable to stay connected without interrupting their work, and even international businesses over the internet or remote employees to continue the use of video calls, and even conference calls are possible.

Improving the education and learning process

In the Modern world, it's easier to learn using a Google search, a podcast, or YouTube video to virtually learn any skill needed to succeed, whether it's a new language, a programming language, a technical skill, or an obscure chapter.Unlike having to learn from printed books, e-books and even online seminars now allow people to learn faster, more efficiently, and with the convenience of mobile computer systems/applications. Online gateways and websites allowed educational institutions to present educational materials in a completely new and modern way, allowing students to master materials using familiar computer systems, as well as combine educational materials in one place.

Negative impact on society

The depletion of fossil fuels, the more the need for rare earth elements, gold, coltan, tantalum and rare elements such as the use of modern electronics is required (as) in mineral-rich countries and continents has often helped to fuel the war iiinma potentially affecting the burning of fuels and global, created through the use of technology has increased the real problems are.

Depletion of resources

One of the most troubling issues with the growing use of technologies is the depletion of natural resources, whether they are rare earth elements/minerals, food sources or fossil fuels.As noted by Karehka Ramey (2012), using corn to produce fuel, for example in the form of ethanol, can greatly reduce the corn/food supply globally.In October, the world's hunger for more and more electronics is largely or entirely depleting the world's gold, coltan and other rare mineral resources, it can help fuel conflicts around the world where these “blood minerals” are found and are often fought.

Population Growth / Health Issues

Despite the invention of birth control methods, the Human global population has boomed, in part because of better technologies that allow longer lifetimes, more abundant food availability, and the management of resources that allow for more effective reproduction. Ironically, the presence of more people is partly associated with greater depletion of resources, but it also results in the implementation of more effective management.However, the increased use of technology has affected some previously unheard health epidemics, such as the development of social sedentary lifestyles (such as continuous sitting), constant exposure to blue light from electronic devices, EMFs.

Pollution Increase

Along with the depletion of resources, one of the most obvious negative effects of technology is the large increase in pollution due to industrialization. This includes fossil fuel emissions, global warming and cities whose factories emit large amounts of solid and air pollution/waste, causing large increases in cases of cancer and chronic disease. While climate change is a highly contentious issue, many scientists agree that global warming is very real and a threat to the human species.

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