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He's on the trail of big data..

Has the use of big data changed everything about the circulation of information? Our digital data is stored in large warehouses that we call” Big Data." Everything we do in virtual life leaves a digital footprint, and thanks to machine learning algorithms, we often encounter content similar to the topics we were looking for before in our news feed. Basically, big data makes people want to buy new products, travel to new places, read new books, etc. it's used to direct. However, as first revealed in 2016 by Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal, Sometimes these technologies pose a threat to democracy. This is because today, big data and artificial intelligence algorithms are used by political campaign managers to manipulate and/or convince people through the circulation of promotional false content. For example, one of the most important platforms, Microsoft.

Microsoft had opened an account on Twitter for its chatbot, which it called Tay, and invited people to chat with this artificial intelligence software. 'Chatbot' means artificial intelligence software that can answer questions posed on the internet.

The company stated that Tay's goal was to “have casual, witty chats” and said: “the more you chat with Tay, the smarter he will be and he will have a private conversation with you.”

But less than 24 hours after Tay stepped in, he was taught racist and genocidal messages and curses. After that, the authorities began interfering with the conversations. Because of this intervention from Microsoft, some users have started a #justicefortay #tayinadalet campaign. Of course, the Youtube platform, which is used in almost every region of the world, is also not left behind. He greatly influenced the course of the election through his manipulations through videos in the Brazilian presidential election, which took place in 2016.

In this study, we identified current digital threats to democracy by providing a descriptive analysis of recent historical events, such as the failure of Microsoft's AI Tay and the impact of YouTube on the presidential election in Brazil. I did that analysis and semi-structured interviews from the results I have obtained, beyond the truth that we live in the age of social engineering, data privacy breaches filter bubbles that creates a personalized search engine algorithms, such as the facilitation of the production and circulation of content that is not correct has shown that many digital threat.

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