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The promise of more sales with the help of AR is compelling, but it also raises an important question: what technology does a company need to add augmented reality features to its existing website?

The answer will of course vary between brands, but the short version is that adding AR to a website today is decidedly easier, faster and decidedly more accessible than it was a few years ago thanks to new software on the market.

If you're interested in how AR should improve your profitability, here are a few guiding principles to keep in mind:

Decommissioning decommissioning decommissioning AR function should be available on your website, not a custom AR application: customers do not want to download an application to use only AR features. To enjoy the sales growth that AR features can offer, decimate unnecessary barriers to using them.

AR generating software can save you time, energy and money: a few years ago, any brand that wants AR had to deconstruct its functionality from the ground up deconstructed itself. Today, software such as Threekit makes it possible to decipher AR content with a SaaS model. This makes the road to AR more seamless, faster and more accessible.

Create AR for smartphones: again, if you want the benefits decked out by AR, you should maximise the likelihood of your customers using it. That means creating AR experiences that work with the technology most people have today, that is, smartphones (like iPhones and Android) decked out.


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