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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Since the beginning of civilization, technology and the way people live, businesses work, how young people grow up as a whole and society as a whole changed how people live day to day. This includes aspects of societal behaviors such as communication, travel, learning, work, comfort, and health. No matter how severe the effects on human behavior, technology has typically had both positive and negative effects on society.


If the Modern lifestyle could be defined by one word, it would have to be “convenience.”Online shopping the next day your seat and making appropriate products from being delivered to your door, without leaving the house the next day to meet friends through social app to travel around the world to make plane and hotel reservations, tablets, computers, wearable computer systems (i.e. smart watches and smart phones, things that need to be made in person and before people, it allows them to perform in robust applications over the internet at once.Essentially, technology has helped people perform complex tasks simpler and faster.


Smart bracelets and health apps have allowed a world increasingly plagued by chronic diseases to track, analyze and change personal health habits through computational systems.While hospital infrastructures now include advanced security computer systems as a norm, advanced applications could allow doctors to wirelessly retrieve health information from patients via WiFi-enabled nano-pills, and even science fiction-like tools such as the medical tricorder are being developed for rapid medical evaluations.In addition, many hospital systems have online gateways that allow patients to receive their medical records or communicate with their doctors almost instantly online.


Technology has a somewhat shady past on privacy.Most cameras, intrusive apps, smart homes and smart devices and spy devices such as Alexa are likely to help compromise people's privacy more and more.However, while this is partly true, the technology has also increased the ability of end users to have encrypted web sessions and send encrypted messages to other users.The evolution of cryptography has helped maintain digital privacy in some way in a digital world.

However, we should note that the art of cyber-hacking would not have been possible had it not been for the evolution of computer networks and computer systems. This generation has seen a frightening increase in security breaches, hacks and security-breaching malware/ransomware attacks.

Attitude Of Young People

Younger generations are most affected by the rise of technology. While the older generation has grown up using technology for specific purposes, generations such as Generation Y and Generation Z often use technology for almost every task and are often overexposed to EMFs and blue light. This includes using tablets at school, using web gateways to complete assignments, and using YouTube to learn a language, for example; this is in stark contrast to how the previous generation learned.Because of the growing reliance on technology, the younger generation is more likely to care less about technology-related privacy issues. At the same time, younger generations are more likely to understand better how the Internet and technical systems work.


Businesses, both large and small, have been influenced by technology perhaps more than any other sector in modern societies. Almost every successful technological innovation, has helped to increase business opportunities, business models has shaped new products and services has resulted in the production of, and at the national level, this new import/export and international, resulted in the creation of globalized business world. Technologies that change the way businesses operate include:

· Printing

· Computer

* Personal computer

* Fax machine

· E-mail

* Social media

* Servers

· Network

* Internet / World Wide Web/TCP-IP

· cryptography

* Business intelligence

* Cloud computing

* Big data

* Artificial intelligence

* Data Science

The results have been increased automation, better efficiency, less overhead and increased profit/loss ratios for SMEs and larger businesses. To count a few, completely new executive roles have emerged to handle the use of new technologies, including CDO (data chief), CIO (Chief Information Officer), Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Marketing coming to the internet originated from the World Wide Web, which also revealed new working roles such as using e-commerce, remote working, telephony marketing and evolution, as well as social media to reach potential customers and potential customers.

Human behavior

Human behavior is not as complex as it is mysterious, but human behavior in a social context when viewed sociologists and anthropologists, as technology continues to be increasingly dependent on the type of people with each passing day, it is clear that technology is helping develop and shape human behavior.

Comfort, ease of Use and convenience that technology provides, smart phones, social media and internet-connected devices requires the adoption of continuous, while WiFi access points in the lodging industry is becoming a necessity in almost any organization.

People are getting their jobs done by going to apps that will help them with almost every possible task, from learning languages to finding a place to rent and dating.There are many positives to ecnology, but one downside is that human behavior has become so dependent on technology that people have the potential to become lazy and many cannot survive or function without the technology they are used to.While controversial, some believe comfort often comes at a price.

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